The Grumpit Schools

“A calm mind is a teachable mind”

Teachers know first-hand, just how receptive young minds can be. Unencumbered by the learned behaviours of “adult life”, children are full of effortless insight and creativity. And as a society, they are our most precious resource.

But returning to school, navigating friendships, and building relationships with adults can be daunting. And the uncertainty facing us all on a daily basis is trickling its way down to affect the youngest and most impressionable minds. Left unchecked, those stresses will have long-lasting effects on generations to come.

It was this looming threat that led renowned mindset and performance coach, Polly Bateman, to create The Grumpit as a way of empowering her own son, Harry, to deal with the emotional journey he found himself on; a journey shared by all young children trying to find their place in a world of grown-ups. By drawing on her years of teaching CEO’s, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders how to identify and externalise their own limiting behaviours, Polly devised a way to transpose those same teachings into a methodology that worked just as effectively for children: The Grumpit.

“The Grumpit represents a different way of doing things.”

The Grumpit is an external manifestation of a child’s inner anxieties. By learning to place those feelings into an outside form (over which they have full control), children learn to observe and communicate their feelings, rather than being at their mercy.

Whilst they generally appear as fluffy, little balls of of fun with heightened senses, every child’s Grumpit is as unique as they are: some are squidgy, some are tough; some are curly, some are smooth; some are monotone, some are rainbow-coloured! But they all work in exactly the same way… instead of an inconsolable child, disrupting a classroom full of other pupils, children can vocalise the fact their Grumpit looks “spiky” or they “seem scared” today. And instead of being separated from their classmates (isolation), being made an example of (bullying), or worse of all, being told to “grow up” (rejection) - children are encouraged to share their concerns, empathise with each other and embrace what makes them…them!

“The Grumpit helps us talk to each other, not at each other.”

Acknowledging those overwhelming feelings will not only help children to build resilience through challenge and achievement, but it will also support teachers and educators with the tools they need to strengthen their relationships with their pupils. Through The Grumpit, teachers and students alike develop a stronger sense of emotional maturity simply by understanding and communicating their feelings.

Unencumbered by labels such as race, class, gender, ethnicity - each child’s Grumpit is as unique as they are, fitting perfectly into environments built on diversity, acceptance and multiculturalism. And as such, the Grumpit is an indispensable tool for anyone with a vested interest in children’s behaviour, attitude and personal development.

“Everyone has their own little Grumpit. What does yours look like?”

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